Former Triathlon Athlete & Coach

I am fortunate to look back at a 10 year long career as a professional Triathlete. I began as a swimmer in my teenage years and transitioned into triathlon by age 16. After holding the NZ triathlon champion title in my age group for three consecutive years I became a professional when I turned 18. Since the I have proudly worn the silver fern as part of the New Zealand Triathlon team for many years in the ITU world series and in the 2014 and 2018 Commonwealth games as well as the 2016 Olympic games.

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Emily McNaughtan

Doddsy has helped me to get a lot faster and pushed me to reach my goals. His structured and personalised training has helped me to improve my times, manage injury and strengthen my weaknesses. My swimming improved by 10 minutes within the first year of coaching over the half-ironman distance. He has taught me to focus on the process and the results will follow.

Ian Graham

Tony takes his engagement and investment in you to such a high level – having success in this sport requires getting to the start line fit and healthy and in a manner that accommodates your work and family commitments. He does this so well and with such a genuine interest in your overall well-being, progress and success. Tony always gave me the sense he was in tune with the highs and lows I went through in terms of motivation and the demands on your body – he had obviously experienced all these emotions and physical demands himself so could relate to your situation and either give you the nudge you needed to keep pushing or tell you when to back it off.

Jack Divers

Under Tony's leadership I am working towards my triathlon goals to become an Elite Triathlete. His knowledge to understand what needs to be done is top notch.  I always know that my best interests will come first.