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I am fortunate to look back at a 10 year long career as a professional Triathlete. I began as a swimmer in my teenage years and transitioned into triathlon by age 16. After holding the NZ triathlon champion title in my age group for three consecutive years I became a professional when I turned 18. Since the I have proudly worn the silver fern as part of the New Zealand Triathlon team for many years in the ITU world series and in the 2014 and 2018 Commonwealth games as well as the 2016 Olympic games.

John Hellemans has been a mentor of mine for many years, not only in my development as an athlete but also as a person. He as well as Tim Brazier, who coached me for the Rio Olympics, and Andy Adair have taught me resilience and to find a sense of balance in the busy life of an athlete.

I believe that persistency is key and will always pay out in the long run. Finding balance in sport, work, family and friends is an essential to being able to train and race healthy and successful for many years. Each person has individual needs in their day to day life that need to be integrated in a personalised training plan to find this balance and optimise training outcomes.

I have now retired as a professional athlete and made it my mission to pass on the knowledge and experience I have gained over many years as a triathlete. I hope to inspire others the way I have been inspired by my mentors and help you to reach your individual goals.