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I can help you if you need Personalised Coaching to reach your goals.

With this 1:1 Coaching, I gather information around your life, what you may need, previous injuries, and a history of your training.

There is not 1 size fits all, so this will be individual to your needs.


From here, we set goals, and where we need to be at each point in time to achieve them. You will have constant feedback from me, weekly chats to readjust training if need be.

I am invested you, so will make sure that you get everything out of yourself.




I cannot recommend Tony’s coaching enough. I have achieved some great results in races in only my first 18 months of coaching by him and continue to see progress across all three disciplines. More importantly his athlete focused approach to coaching means we have been able to regularly tweak my training load week to week to accommodate for busy periods at work/life stress and I have always felt that he has listened to my feedback to ensure that we are doing the right thing for my body and my needs. Tony spends time researching and understanding the differences that need to be acknowledged within training female athletes and i have benefited greatly from his knowledge and guidance. 

Georgina Thornton

I have been with Tony and the evolve squad for about 8 months now and have already been getting better results than ever before. Tony has been the key to unlocking my potential, not due to training more but training smarter and focusing on key sessions. One of the most valuable aspects of being part of the Evolve squad is training with others making those early morning swims exciting. Tony doesn’t just coach he allows us as athletes to have input and collaborate our ideas.

Benedict Yanzick

After 10 years out of the sport I have been lucky enough to have Tony's experience to guide me through my first few seasons back. Training plans have been easy to follow and there is plenty of variety to keep things interesting. Recognising that family and work are a priority has been important and Tony has been able to help me balance things while still achieving results. The Evolve squad sessions are a real bonus and provide some variety and excellent company. I can't recommend Tony and Evolve highly enough whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete.   

Richard Saunders

When I started training with Tony I could barely swim 200m. 6 months later I completed a half-ironman distance triathlon, something I never would have thought possible, and am now preparing for my first ironman. Tony’s positive attitude and enthusiasm for triathlon is infectious, and I’ve benefited greatly from his expert knowledge and experience. Having tried coaching myself before, I’d strongly recommend taking advantage of such a

great resource and taking the most efficient path to fitness and accomplishment.

James Clark
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